"King Albert put on his pants backwards."

Translation:Le roi Albert a mis son pantalon à l'envers.

June 28, 2020

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First verse of a popular french song/nursery rhyme goes:

Le bon roi Dagobert A mis sa culotte à l'envers ; Le grand saint Éloi Lui dit : Ô mon roi! Votre Majesté Est mal culottée. C'est vrai, lui dit le roi, Je vais la remettre à l'endroit.


Thanks for that. Always good to get pieces of French culture. I was able to translate it all except the very last part "à l'endroit." I know endroit means a place but "at the place" didn't seem to make sense. I found that as well as that literal meaning it can also mean the right way up or the right way round which makes sense. So something new learned today!

Btw I also saw that St Eloi (St Eligius in English) is patron Saint of, among other things, the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, a Corp of the British army.


Thanks! I was thinking he put them on backwards on purpose to avoid the zipper because of an impulsive decision he made years ago when he was still just a Prince :D


@Myktylgaan: Thanks for the rhyme.


Does " a porté" work in this context?

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