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  5. "Hyvä Joni!"

"Hyvä Joni!"

Translation:Go Joni!

June 28, 2020



But in other sentences, hyvä meant good. Anyone?


In this context "go" is a more accurate translation since "Good Joni" sounds a bit funny, though I think "Nice one Joni" would be more accurate. You'd say this in a situation where Joni has scored a goal.


In this case it looks like it's more like a cheering expression, something parents would shout in a football match (not in Finland, of course, nobody would shout in public :$ )


The accepted answer is based on a certain context. Without context given, the answer "Good Joni" should also be accepted.

Imagine Joni is my dog, "Hyvä Joni!" would be something I would say rather often!


"hyvä" means good. the translation is idiomatic, you can't translate that word to word. "hyvä Joni!" carries the same meaning and is used the same way as "Go Joni!" even though "hyvä" and "go" as separate words don't mean the same thing.


What if Joni is an animal's name like your pet did something good and you say "Good, Joni!" would you say "Hyvä Joni!" or "Good boy!" would you say "hyvä poika!" do use different words?


Should maybe be "well done Joni" rather than "Go Joni" as Hyvä means good


so i am a bit bewildered on pronunciation here.. why does the " hy" in Hyvä sound like "Toovä..."

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