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  5. "The green car is big."

"The green car is big."

Translation:Vihreä auto on iso.

June 28, 2020



Iso auto on vihreä, both versions are correct


I am just learning Finnish, but would that not translate out as "The big car is green"? If so, that is a different meaning.


Is there any difference between the two words we've learnt for big, iso and suuri? I'm waiting to hear about a big grandfather. ;-)


The "iso" and the "suuri" mean basically the same.

The only differences that come to my mind are translations of some special cases. "Alexander the Great" -> "Aleksanteri Suuri", "grandfather" -> "isoisä", "grandmother" -> "isoäiti", "the Great Northern War" -> "Isoviha". These are not interchangeable.

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