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  5. "North is over there."

"North is over there."

Translation:Pohjoinen on tuolla.

June 28, 2020



What's the difference between tuolla ja tuossa?


The long version (just copying the very claryfing answer from someone else in one of the other comment sections): "Täällä is used in opposition of tuolla. If both you and the person you are talking to are both in the area in which whatever or whomever you are talking about is located, the word täällä, "over here", is used. If neither one of you is in the same area as the person or the thing discussed but they are still close enough for you to point at them, the word tuolla, "over there", is used instead. Tässä and tuossa, on the other hand, are about things very close to you and you look at them from your own perspective alone.

What does this mean in practice? Let's say that you are looking at a large map for tourists at a market square looking for a museum you know is by that square. On that map there will very likely be a red dot that says Sinä olet tässä, "You are right here." Then one of your friends realises that she cannot find her phone. You notice that she has dropped it on the ground to a place which is just a step away from where you are standing. Se on tuossa!, "It is right there", you say kneeling down to pick up the phone, so that you can hand it over to her. You and your two friends are not very good at reading maps, so you separate to look for the museum. After a while, your friend starts walking towards you waving. Se on täällä, chartsman!, "It is over here, chartsman!", he shouts pointing at the pink building behind him. You walk to him, but you cannot see the third person in the party anywhere, so you call her. She answers her phone and you ask her whether she can see the pink building. Me olemme täällä!, "We are over here, can you see us?", you tell her waving your hand, so that she can see you."


In short: tuolla = over there, tuossa = right there.

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