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"The beautiful song is Russian."

Translation:Kaunis laulu on venäläinen.

June 28, 2020



What is the difference between laulu and biisi? I used laulu once in another section, I guess, for song, and got the wrong answer, and though that maybe I am wrong remembering there is "laulu" option I've seen, but here we have laulu again.


"Biisi" is a loanword (piece) and it's used in spoken Finnish and more informal written texts. The Finnish equivalent of "biisi" is actually "kappale" and not "laulu". A "biisi" or "kappale" is a musical piece that can have singing in it, or not, while "laulu" is related to the verb "laulaa" (to sing) and thus translates to "a song".


Thank you for the explanation. The reason I was asking, is the course uses both, and the translation is exactly the same. It is easier to follow which one to use in the same section, but when it comes to "practice" part, it is pretty much impossible to tell the difference. I wish it was either one or the other everywhere, or both were universally accepted to make it easier for the learners. Also, "piece" is a totally legit word in musical sense in English, not sure why it wasn't used to make that distinction.


Would a techno song without vocals therefore be called biisi or kappale?


Yup, either of these, depending on the level of formality.


Goi, rode, goi...


Can't you translate "the" into "se"? The beautiful song is clearly a specific song... Why is Se kaunis.. not correct?


That would mean "That beautiful song".


Finnish doesn't have articles. Se means it.


Is "Venjalainen" incorrect?


The reason for the form "venjalainen" is perhaps that the Finnish letter "ä" is represented in Russian by the letter я, and this is again usually given in Finnish as "ja".

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