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"The cold water is running quickly in the stream."

Translation:Kylmä vesi juoksee nopeasti purossa.

June 28, 2020



As a native speaker I would use term "virtaa" instead of "juoksee" in this case.


And "flowing" would probably be a better way to say it in formal English as well.


I do like how the sentence weaves together already learnt words, though!


I guess it's because "juosta" was already taught in one of the previous lessons (just like "nopeasti", "vesi" and "kylmä" while "puro" is introduced in this unit) and the way Duolingo works is to combine the new words with the older ones so that we can start constructing the sentences ourselves practicing the vocabulary already learnt. Thanks for the new verb by the way. What's the infinitive of "virtaa"?


The word order isn't that strict in Finnish, so "kylmä vesi juoksee purossa nopeasti" would be correct as well.


I had it as "Purossa kylmä vesi juoksee nopeasti" and I'm wondering why that's incorrect? it so often seems like words establishing where something is happening go at the beginning of the sentence


I guess that in this case the sentence is passive, and therefore has a different structure


It's not passive. In passive, the sentence would begin "Purossa juostaan..."

IMO the better way to say this in Finnish would be "Purossa virtetaan nopeasti kylmää vettä."


Why is 'vettä' not correct?


It's probably because of the definite article in the source text. If the subject were indefinite instead, it would make more sense to use "kylmää vettä" as the subject in the translation (note that the adjective should agree with its noun about grammatical case).

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