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"Anteeksi, mutta missä tori on?"

Translation:Excuse me, but where is the market square?

June 28, 2020



Alternative Translation = Excuse me, but where is the market?


I am not a native speaker and thought that market square and market place is the same...


They can be. A market square is a square that has a market in it. Waltham Abbey has a market square. The market in Walthamstow is in a street. It is about 2 kilometres long and it is not a market square. Both are market places. E-Bay and Amazon are also market places.


the question remains - should "market place" count as an acceptable translation?


I don't know the subtleties of the word tori, but if market square is one translation I think market place should be considered equally valid.


Tori is a market, tori.fi for example is a ebay-like online market. It doesn't have to be a square


Tori should not have to have the 'square' added to it, as the term 'market square' is rarely used to begin with, and makes for an awkward translation. Asked my Finn partner what tori is, and she said 'market.' Duolingo marks it as incorrect without the added 'square.'

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