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"Do you want some coffee and pulla?"

Translation:Haluatteko te kahvia ja pullaa?

June 28, 2020



Haluatko kahvia ja pullaa? should also be accepted (English "you") Am I mistaken?


yeah, that should be accepted! be sure to report these kinds of missing alternative translations!


I think this is deliberate... Although the two questions do you want coffee and do you want coffee are completely identical, getting a similar one wrong previously forced to find out why... Haluatteko te is the polite way of asking someone you dont know and haluatko sa (I think thats the way to say sinä) is how you would ask someone you do know.


-tte and te are plural you, not formal you. I don't think Finns use plural you as formal when speaking to a clearly singular entity. At least never noticed that done nir heard it mentioned before.


My mother tongue is Finnish, but I still think why "pulla" hasn't been translated. I know it means "bun".


Pulla is kinda like is its own concept in Finland. Even foreigners here talk about pulla as pulla. It's a specific type of pastry that doesn't have a perfect equivalent to describe it in English. For example, a bun can also mean sämpylä, which is a completely different thing.


Reminds me of the Swedish 'bulle', to eat with coffee!


I would say "some coffee" can also be translated as "hieman kahvia", and should be accepted in all the variations.

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