"Léa doesn't like either cherries or strawberries."

Translation:Léa n'aime ni les cerises ni les fraises.

June 28, 2020

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This structure of negative without "pas" or "jamais" etc. has come up a few times. Obviously it's correct but could someone explain how one knows when to use it; i.e. when to omit the "usual" negative words please? Thanks.


See if this helps: https://www.cliffsnotes.com/study-guides/french/french-ii/french-ii-basic-verbs/negation

I have a question about the use of articles here, though. In Je n'ai ni thé ni tisane, the articles were dropped. Is this a definite/indefinite thing? I.e., do they have to be included here because aimer prompts the use of the definite article? Merci beaucoup!


From what I've seen, I think you are right i.e. when you use a verb of preference and/or the original contains a definite article, you use « le / la / l' / les » ! :)


Yup. In a recent subject I copied/paraphrased someone's notes on this (thanks again for it, whomever you are!).

Use le/la/les/l' when talking about things you (dis)like.

• "Il préfère le café"

• "Il boit du café".

And as a reminder to me, because I always forget it, Des changes to de/d' after a negative.

• "Ils avaient deux ordinateurs."

• "Il n'avaient pas d'ordinateurs."

Hope this helps. If I've erred, please correct me! I never take offence, especially as I'm only learning.


Just noticed this bit: "j'ai" doesn't imply liking something. "J'aime" would require the definite article, but not "j'ai". After all, you can have medicine and not like or dislike it!


Why is it "les cerises" and not "des cerises"?


See the responses to jwbards above! :)


Why is pas deleted in this sentence. In another phrase it one has to use it. So what is exactly the construction of the sentence. Likewise u use ni is it for neither nor or either or. There should be a lesson at the beginning before we atart an exercise so that it will b clear


"Ne … ni A ni B" == "neither A nor B" == "not either A or B".

English speakers prefer the middle one but for some reason green owls seem to like the third one.

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