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"We are cleaning the big yard."

Translation:Siivoamme isoa pihaa.

June 28, 2020



I tried to use "suurea pihaa" and it was not accepted. So I googled the phrase and haven't found examples of actual usage of "suurea pihaa", while there are plenty examples of "isoa pihaa". So it is clear that in this particular case "suuri" and "iso" are not interchangeable. Could somebody please explain why?)


"suuri" and "iso" are interchangeable. However, "suurea" is not a word. "suuri" in partitive case is "suurta"

how to construct the partitive case for each word: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi/#formation for the word suuri read 2.5.4. Old words ending in -li, -ni or -ri: replace -i with -ta/-tä

You think the cases are easy when you learn the usual endings, but as you can see from the source that I linked that's not the case :D Partitive is probably one of the hardest things to learn about the Finnish language considering how much we use it and how complicated even the construction is. Good luck!


Thank you! I actually knew the correct partitive form of "suuri", but somehow completely forgot about it when I was doing this lesson) However, "me siivoamme suurta pihaa" was not accepted today)


It's interesting that you say they're interchangeable. My cousin in Finland strongly believes they're not. She finds 'iso' is more like "big" and 'suuri' is more like "huge" (mind you, her English isn't amazing).

For example, when I asked her how she felt about "suuri lautanen" she said she'd be looking for a serving platter or something similar, rather than a big plate.


My question though, why isn't "Me siivoamme" also accepted?


I'm completely confused as to when the partitive case should be used. Here we're clearly talking about a specific yard, and yet the "a" is supposed to be added, which makes it seem to me that they're talking about an unspecified yard. Can anyone explain this so that it makes sense? Thanks!


If I've got this right I believe partitive is also used to reflect incompleted action.

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