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"– One coffee, please. – Do you want some milk or cream?"

Translation:– Yksi kahvi, kiitos. – Haluatko maitoa vai kermaa?

June 28, 2020

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The Finnish is a bit weird here, if this is supposed to be a situation where a salesperson asks about how to fill the cup. "Haluatko maitoa vai kermaa" would indicate that one or the other is definitely wanted, it's just a question of which. "Haluatko maitoa tai kermaa" would be better in that situation, because then the answer can be also that neither is wanted, just black coffee. If the buyer is a regular, and it is widely known that they always want their coffee with either milk or cream, then the first version would be ok.

And btw, I had this as a choose the correct one from 3 -type of exercise, where the correct answer had "vai".

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