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"Insinöörit korjaavat radiota."

Translation:The engineers are fixing the radio.

June 28, 2020



I put "repairing". This should have been accepted.


"repair" should be a valid option


Insinöörit can be either definite "the engineers" or indefinite "engineers" depending on the context.


"Mending" should also be accepted. Reported 19.01.21.


Repair and fix are the same in English


I tried "the engineers are fixing a radio" and it was wrong, so I reported it. But now I still lost a heart - why does this beta-version, which is still in the making, doesn't have unlimited hearts anymore? It changed about a week ago (today is the 4th of may 2021) and is absolutely annoying, since I can now make only 5 mistakes before having to wait for new hearts, buy them or pay for Duolingo plus. And that is frustrating, especially when the mistake isn't on you but on the course.


Tip: earn enough jewels on courses that are easy so you can spend them on the difficult languages.


Why is "the engineers are fixing a radio" (instead of the radio) wrong? Does the ending radiota means it is this special radio in particular and Not just any radio? Thanks in advance :)

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