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  5. "Millainen nimi sinulla on?"

"Millainen nimi sinulla on?"

Translation:What kind of name do you have?

June 28, 2020



What does this mean? If you ask somebody's name, this is not the way to ask it. Maybe if you want to know the origins of the name (ancient fennoscandian name from 17th century forests, or so on....), but still it is a strange question. I wouldn't know how to answer it.

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Yeah, that's the crux of the question, etymology. It's pretty common in countries that have a background in immigration, like Canada where I'm from. Like someone might say, "oh it's a Scottish name and my last name is Estonian." It's a super normal and kind of fun question here.


Weird sentence lol


This sounds kind of impolite, doesn't it?

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Nah, it just depends on how you stress the words in the sentence. There is a rude way to ask it, though.


I agree with the comment here about the strange nature of the translated answer!


So this basically means "What's your name?" then?


Well, no, that would be "mikä sinun nimesi on?".

"Millainen/minkälainen" (what kind of) is used to ask after the kind of quality, type etc. something has.

"Millainen päivä sinulla oli?" - What was you day like?/ How was your day?

"Mukava." - A nice one.

"Millainen nimi sinulla on?" - What kind of name do you have?/What is your name like?

"Minulla on perinteinen suomalainen nimi." - I have a traditional Finnish name.

It's a bit of an odd question, to be sure.


This is an awkward way of inquiring a name of a person. Is there a more casual way to ask? In American English we would say "What is your name?"


"Mikä sinun nimesi on?" (Litteral: "How your name is?")

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