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  5. "Pieni pala leipää, kiitos."

"Pieni pala leipää, kiitos."

Translation:A small piece of bread, please.

June 28, 2020



Remember to add "little" as a synonym to "small" just about everywhere!


Thought the same and reported it :)


"A small piece of bread, thanks." should be accepted.


Is pala leipää more like a slice or bread rather than a loaf of bread? Only the former is accepted (in addition to the default translation piece of bread).


"pala leipää" translates literally word to word to a piece of bread, so it means anything that's only a part of the whole bread (bread loaf). "bread loaf" can be translated to "limppu", but I think we use that only of certain types of bread. if you want to say that you'd like a small bread loaf for example you'd usually say "pieni leipä, kiitos".

Also: note the difference between "leipä" and "leipää". the latter is the same word in the partitive case, which already implies an uncertain amount of bread.


It states that Kittos means thanks or please. How do you tell which word to use?


From the context


In this case, there is any indication that should be one or other?

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