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  5. "Ketä he halaavat?"

"Ketä he halaavat?"

Translation:Who are they hugging?

June 28, 2020



"Whom are they hugging?" is not a typo, "whom" should be added. Can't report this as it's not outright rejected.


Agreed. Technically, that's the correct English for the answer. Who should be agreed too, but whom is the officially correct form


"Whom" should at least be available in the list of choices, seeing as it's the correct translation. "Who" in this case is accepted and very, very common, but not technically correct, at least not yet.


I'm not sure I understand the nuance here... Is it just that ketä = whom and kuka = who or I am mistaken ?


Pretty much.

Kuka is in the nominative case, which is most often used for the subject. In English, the subject would be "who", not "whom".

Ketä is in the partitive case, and is used for the object. In formal English, the object should be "whom". In informal English, "who" often gets used for both subject and object.

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