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"The intelligent cat speaks only French."

Translation:Älykäs kissa puhuu vain ranskaa.

June 28, 2020



Is it wrong to put vain before puhuu? So "Älykäs kissa vain puhuu ranska"


I think the meaning would be different then.

"Älykäs kissa vain puhuu ranska" = "The smart cat is only speaking French" meaning that the cat is only doing this one thing right now, but that it might be able to speak something else. it sounds like a response, you know like "What is that cat doing?" "Oh him? He's just speaking French"

"Älykäs kissa puhuu vain ranskaa" = "The smart cat speaks only French" The cat is not able to speak any other languages, but it might not be speaking French at the moment.

I am not 100% sure about this, this is just based on a gut feeling :D


I agree. "Älykäs kissa vain puhuu ranskaa..." is kind of a relaxed comment to tell that "oh yeah, this cat here just keeps babbling her french, nothing special happening here" But älykäs kissa puhuu vain ranskaa means that she can't speak any other languages. Imo if a cat speaks french, that's good enough for me. x-D (p.s. you need to have two a:s in both cases: 'ranskaa')


Ahhh yes that does make sense. In Swedish we don't really have a difference for this, as it's contextual.

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