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  5. "A blue bunny!"

"A blue bunny!"

Translation:Sininen pupu!

June 28, 2020



Weird picture.


Weird rabbits they got in finland


Way too much night + way too much glögiä


Can pupu = rabbit? Or strictly bunny?


Basically yes and no, since there is 2 (or 3) words in Finnish for that animal type, but it's not wrong to use "rabbit", it just sounds unnatural.

"My pet is a bunny" "Minun lemmikki on pupu"

"My pet is a rabbit" "Minun lemmikki on jänis"

My = minun pet = lemmikki is = on bunny/rabbit = pupu/jänis

Firstly "pupu" or "kani/kaniini", "bunny" which is used about those cute small things you feed salad and keep in a cage in your room.

Second is "jänis", "rabbit", which is used about those bigger ones that live in forest and keep themselves away from humans.

Third is "rusakko", "(brown) hare", which is basically the same as "jänis" but even bigger and has longer ears.


Blue bunny? Did someone paint it? Biologically, rabbits (kani - maybe the same root as coney?) and hares (jänis) are not the same animals although they are often conflated in popular speech. Rabbits live in burrows and hares only on the surface. I think that only hares are native to Finland.


Many sentences here are just to practice , dont worry about talking cats and blue rabbits.


I'd forgotten that actually some domestic bluish-grey rabbits are known as blue in the trade.


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