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"Me istumme kahvilassa ja syömme täytekakkua."

Translation:We are sitting in a café and eating layered cake.

June 28, 2020



You can't mix tenses in English like this. (The "Answer is unnatural or has an error" button was missing, could not report it). It has to be sit and eat, or, more likely, are sitting and eating.


Yeah, I was wondering what was up with the sudden lack of variety in the report option.


Yeah, this is annoying.


Sitting.. and eating.. needs to be parallel

[deactivated user]

    The correct compound noun is "layer cake" not "layered cake". Torte would be more real world.


    I disagree. I grew up saying layered cake. I've never heard someone say torte.

    [deactivated user]

      where i grew up - Canada, and US - it is (or was) called layer cake. I don't recall seeing menus with layered or layer cake as options. Torte, yes.


      I would say "layered cake" (British English), but torte also works


      Like the British movie Layer Cake?


      Why not "sitting in the cafe..." a correct answer


      Looks like Duolingo enthusiastically took course makers good with Finnish. But without verifying their English! The beta course is a pain in many ways. Often it is about finding or writing what the makers templated!

      [deactivated user]

        And its layer cake not layered cake


        should be "we are eating layered cake", layered cake is not a word I am familiar with being English, cake should be sufficient

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