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"Me haluamme käydä myös Tanskassa."

Translation:We want to visit Denmark too.

June 28, 2020



"We want to visit Denmark also" was my answer and it is 100% correct. But I was marked wrong. This must be changed.


As a native (UK) English speaker, I do not agree that "We want to visit Denmark also" is 100% correct. A correct answer would be "We also want to visit Denmark" or "We want to visit Denmark too".


Why is it 'Tanskassa', which previously has only meant 'in Denmark', instead of just 'Tanska'?


English 'to visit' sort of implicitly includes the "in", while käydä does not.


What's wrong with "We want to visit also Denmark" ?


in English you usually can't put an adverb between a verb and its object, so you'd have to put it somewhere else

the only place that sounds natural is "we also want to visit Denmark", though "we want to also visit Denmark" and "we want to visit Denmark also" (you'd usually say "too" here instead) are not ungrammatical as far as I know


Different meanings. We also want to visit Denmark - someone else has already been there, and we also want to go. We want to also visit Denmark - in addition to passing by, really visit etc We want to visit also Denmark - visiting somewhere else, but here putting emphasis on also Denmark..


Even though it would indeed seem logical for English to work like that, it unfortunately doesn’t.


As a native (UK) English speaker, I don't think "We want to visit also Denmark" is correct.


Yeah. We know what is meant but

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