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"Anteeksi, paljonko viisi karjalanpiirakkaa maksaa?"

Translation:Excuse me, how much do five Karelian pasties cost?

June 28, 2020



"Five pastry" is not correct English.

"Excuse me, how much do five karelian pastries cost?"


Agreed completely.


So it has to have the extra a on the end? Does that mean it's an undefined quantity? Because the quantity was defined as five.


Partitive case is applied to (nearly) all amounts. All numbers higher than one are considered amounts.

[deactivated user]

    "do" five Karelian pastr(ies) cost.!


    Isn't "piirakka" pie rather that pastry? To me "pastry" ought to be leivos i.e something sweet. And the karjalanpiirakat I make are not sweet!


    The word "piirakka" also generally refers to something sweet and is commonly associated with pies, so I suppose it has been somewhat misleadingly named. Also, "karjalanpiirakka" actually translates to "Karelian pasty". Note that there is supposed to be just one R.


    Yes it struck me after my post that pasty was the appropriate word in UK English at any rate, they are always savoury. I grew up with Devon pasties a regular part of my diet (I believe the Cornish may make something similar?) They are diced beef, potato, onion and swede (or turnip) wrapped in shortcrust pastry. I still use my Devonshire mother's recipe as improved by my Finnish wife! They are much bigger than the Karelian kind though, each enough for a full meal.


    You're trying to start a fight, aren't you? :-)


    I grew up eating pasties that were as you described. Finnish immigrants to the US who worked in the mines of Northern Minnesota and Michigan, were taught how to make these meat pies from Cornish miners. So it did confuse me when I saw the translation as "pasty".


    I think the word "piirakka" is probably a Finnisisation of the Slavic "pierogy". Although it's not cooked in quite the same way.


    You mean all numbers other than one I believe.


    Why was it marked red incorrect. But it congratulated my getting it right? This is happening a lot


    I missed ONE k in all that to be marked wrong


    Sometimes they let a little thing go and sometimes it is marked wrong


    In English if you spell potassium pottasium it's just a misspelling, but in Finnish, the double letter is a totally different phoneme eg, tuli = fire, but tulli = customs (the "nothing to declare" sort), and tuuli = wind.

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