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"Haluatko viettää enemmän aikaa täällä?"

Translation:Do you want to spend more time over here?

June 28, 2020



Hello, what is the difference between "lisä" and "enemmän"? Both seem to mean "more". Kiitos! :-)


I'm wondering that too, would lisää also work or is there some important distinction in the usage between lisää and enemään?


According to the tips, https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fi/Europe/tips-and-notes,lisää is used when you've run out and want more, and enemmän is used when you haven't run out but still want more.


I think that lisää means more in like asking for more food, and enemmän is just more that you can use at all circumstances


Why does the tooltip for "täällä" include "there", if the correct answer is "spend more time over here" (which I consider a highly unlikely phrase)?


Not sure about the tooltip, but "over here" is a Duolingo convention of distinguishing "tässä" and "täällä": "around here" or "in this area/region" may be translations that sound more natural for this sentence.

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