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"Asun Italiassa, koska se on niin kaunis maa."

Translation:I live in Italy, because it is such a beautiful country.

June 28, 2020



È vero mio paese è bellissimo!! Grazie Duolingo!


Perché hai scritto "mio paese" invece di "il mio paese?" Così confonderai i pulcini di Duo!


Wouldn't "is a very beautiful country" be the same as "is such a beautiful country"?


“..so beautiful country...” should be also accepted! Niin kaunis maa = so beautiful country!


But you can't say it that way in English... right?


"So beautiful country" isn't correct, but something like "a very beautiful country" might work.

Yet without the subject at the end it sounds alright. Maybe you're admiring some trees around a lake and say, "(the view is) So beautiful!"


No, "...so beautiful country" should not be accepted. If you take "niin kaunis" by itself, you are right, it will translate to "so beautiful." If you put the subject first with no predicate noun it works, e.g. "Italia on niin kaunis" = "Italy is so beautiful."

But before nouns we need to use "such a." Here, have a look at this: https://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/so-and-such.html


Both 'such a beautiful country' and 'so beautiful a country' would work. Duolingo accepts both constructions.

But yeah, 'so beautiful country' doesn't work; it needs the indefinite article 'a' between the adjective and noun.


Since the comma in the English sentence is optional, could we say, "Asun Italiassa koska on niin kaunis maa," dropping the "se?"


I don't think so. In a sentence like 'Se juo ja syö täällä', you don't need a noun before the second verb because it has the same subject as the first verb.

In the first clause here, 'Asun Italiassa', the subject is an implied minä. In the second clause introduced by koska, we're now talking about Italy.

And unlike ja and mutta, I'm not sure you could omit even a repeated subject with the subordinating conjunction koska.


Se on oikeassa!


Other words such as 'pretty' and 'lovely' should be accepted in place of beauitful. Should they not?


Well, their meaning IS slightly different even if you might use all three in a similar context.

Beautiful - kaunis

Pretty - nätti, sievä

Lovely - ihana, ihastuttava


I wrote "it's" instead of "it is" and Duolingo considered it an error ... I kindly disagree with it. Could someone fix it up? I flagged it


Duolingo doesn't seem to like any contractions involving an apostrophe followed by 's'. I've seen complaints about Duolingo wrongly marking contractions as typos from people doing other language courses as well.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure our moderators don't have the ability to do anything about it.

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