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"Ta fille ne la cassera pas, elle est en plastique."

Translation:Your daughter won't break it; it's plastic.

June 28, 2020



So I initially thought it meant "Your daughter won't break it, she's made of plastic". Of course, the given translation makes more sense.

What if the sentence were Ta fille ne le cassera pas, elle est en plastique?


Such sentences won't be present unless intentionally expressed.

The moment you change 'la' to 'le', the following sentence/phrase/clause must also be changed accordingly to match the gender.

"Ta fille ne le cassera pas, il est en plastique", would be the translation for that case.

If you don't change the "elle" to "il", the sentence will mean that, "she is made of plastic" and not "it is made of plastic".


I thought so too!


Why won't . Y cant we use will not


your dauther will not break it it's plastic. wasn't accepted. reported


Why not "your daughter won't break that, it's made of plastic"?


I am joining many others with that "cassera " future tense means WILL NOT BRAKE as well as WON'T BRAKE . It is time duo lingo takes not or at least gives an explanation.


Duolingo NOTE " It's" is only an abbreviation of "it is" both should be accepted.


The translation is "conditional" and for the following phrase in French ....Ta fille ne le casserait pas, c'est en plastique. The correct English translation should be .... Your daughter WILL NOT break it; it's plastic....for the phrase which is a simple future tense and not conditional.


Will not = won't.

They both indicate the English future tense.


My answer is also correct; Will not= won´t


Can you also translate the second part as "it is out of plastic"?


No, that doesn't make sense, but you could say "it's made of plastic" or "it's made out of plastic"


That doesn't make sense in English your daughter won't break.


Yes it does, they're most likely talking about an object the daughter has, probably a cup or something.

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