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  5. "I am putting a bonnet on."

"I am putting a bonnet on."

Translation:Tha mi a' cur bonaid orm.

June 28, 2020



I wonder if anyone else made the silly mistake I did? When I finished the sentence with "orm" I then took "mi" out. I think that is because earlier in the course where you are just explaining what you have on, you say (e.g.) "Tha bonaid orm". If you are saying "I am putting", you of course still need the "mi" as subject for the verb. Having both "mi" and "orm" you end up effectively with a "me" that is unneeded in English (lit. "I am putting a bonnet on me"). It almost feels like a reflexive verb in French.


Nope, I've been struggling with this structure a lot too. Super confusing


Yeah just did exactly that... thanks for explaining so clearly

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