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"I want to spend more time in Oslo."

Translation:Haluan viettää enemmän aikaa Oslossa.

June 28, 2020



Could 'lisää' be used here as well as enemmän? Or is there a reason that word fits better?


Lisää is more, additionally. Enemmän is also more, but it's the comparative form of paljon, a lot. http://randomfinnishlesson.blogspot.com/2016/09/lisaa-enemman.html?m=1


That was helpful! Kiitos!


So depending on context lisää isn't wrong, is it? Like, you already went to Oslo but want to go back?


Now that you put it that way, yes. You can say only "enemmän aikaa" when you're planning your first trip to Oslo, but you can use also "lisää aikaa" when you have already been there for some time. It would sound especially good when the end of your time in Oslo is getting close, but "enemmän" is always an option here.


I think you mean haluankin...if I'm not mistaken - Haluan viettää enemmän aikaa Oslossa. - Haluankin


Haluankin viettää enemmän aikaa Oslossa. It's not wrong, but it sounds like you are ready to go home and suddenly changed your opinion. Oh I just realised that I want to stay after all.


Thank you for this additional information. It's always interesting to learn different aspects of the language.

But in this particular case I didn't mean integrating haluankin in the whole sentence, but as an answer to it, just referring to CthvlhvsMagnvs's comment. I understand his "haluankin" as an attempt to say "So do I" twron in Finnish. And I think that the "so do I" construction would be verbkin - haluankin in this case. (Trying) to make it clear:

-Haluan viettää enemmän aikaa Oslossa.


Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Why is it wrong to add Mina at the beginning of the sentence


I just wrote "Minä haluan viettää enemmän aikaa Oslossa.", and it was accepted as correct.


And i put minä as well and it was counted as wrong.

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