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"Hei, voinko minä lainata laturia? Akku on loppu."

Translation:Hey, can I borrow a charger? The battery is dead.

June 28, 2020



I guess "the charger" should be accepted too... For example one of the previous sentences was quite similar: "Can I borrow the phone? Meaning: Voinko lainata puhelinta?"


I was marked wrong when I used "hey" for "hei" in a previous skill - it had to be "hi". Bearing that in mind, I deliberately wrote "hi" here - wrong! - it must be "hey"... xD


It has been noted, but often a battery is not an Akku. This can cause dangerous confusion ( try to recharge a 1 use battery and it may explode).

Do we have a word for a 1use battery in finnish?


I wrote : the battery is all gone". It should be accepted as there was nothing wrong with understandingthe meaning, only you don't say so in English maybe, at least for a battery.


Hi Clarelanc3, your phrase is a little meaningless in English, although it could be a direct translation of the Finnish, it doesn't have the correct meaning.

UK "All gone" in this sense means that there was once a variable quantity of stuff, which has been used. A battery is an object, so it cannot be all gone. It is either there, or not there. What has "all gone" is the electricity stored in the battery, "on loppu". Electricity stored in a battery is a variable amount, and a battery in English is described like an electricity container. So it is full, low, or the electricity is gone.

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