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What Happened to the Grammar Notes?

Early in the tree there were a lot of grammatical notes under the "Tips" sections on almost every skill, but after the "Barbecue" skill there are almost no tips, even though it introduces stuff like the partitive case and vowel harmony (vowel harmony appeared first in the "know-how" or "coffee" skill I think, the partitive case started appearing a few skills before).

It is not a big problem for me, because i already heard about these things, but I could imagine it would confuse other learners.

June 28, 2020



Only the first 8 rows currently have Tips & Notes on grammar, but more will be added during the next few months.



The Finnish course is the newest and came out less than a week ago. I suspect Tips & Notes will be added to all skills that need them eventually, and probably in the next version of the course.

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