"Il avait un secret, et il ne me le disait pas."

Translation:He had a secret, and he didn't tell me it.

June 28, 2020

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"He didn't tell me it." sounds wrong.


Agreed. "He didn't tell it to me." sounds good.

Previously, somewhere else in the course, there was some similar kind of unnatural English translation. I reported it. I guess, the course creators are good with French but bad in their English translations.


Reported (again) via flag Nov 2020: English needs "He didn't tell it to me."


For repeated actions & habits in the past 'would' + base verb has a very similar meaning to 'used to'.

So this time around, I put: "he wouldn't tell it to me" = accepted Mar 2021.


"... tell it me," is equally valid, BTW.


It doesn't sound like proper English.


It's most common in the Midlands, but it's definitely a real thing that people say.


Myself, working within restrictions of available words in wordbank, I used, "..tell it me." Rejected. Reported.


Well, "...tell it me." would be incorrect English. "...tell me it." is correct, though to some people, it sounds awkward.


'...and he didn't tell me' is accepted.


it is wrong (opinion) You would want to add either about or of to rescue that sentence. i.e. "He didn't tell me about it." "He didn't tell me of it." My preference would be "about"


It's not wrong. It's very common in the North of England.


You don't tell someone about a secret, you tell them the secret - it!


But neither of those is a correct translation of the French.

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Sounds fine to me


"He didn't tell me it" isn't wrong, in the sense that it's a valid English sentence. But "He didn't tell it to me" sounds much better.

"He didn't tell me that" uses the same structure and is common, so it's not the syntax or grammar per se that is wrong, but they should try to use what sounds more natural.


He didn't tell me.. accepted


Not a good translation. I would suggest: He had a secret and he didn't tell it to me.'


I believe that 'and he didn't tell me' is accepted. It shouldn't be because that means: He didn't tell me that he had a secret. The French sentence means that he didn't tell me the secret. Different.


Talking about the French, for a change... (!)

... I find the string of French mini-words quite intriguing. "et il ne me le." You could almost treat it as one:- "et-il-ne-me-le.."


Since this is imperfect, I would have thought the translation should be, either:

He had a secret and he would not tell me, or He had a secret and he would not tell it to me


He had a secret and he wouldn't tell it to me = accepted Mar 2021.


I still don't understand why me le instead of le me.


There is a standard order for the pronouns. Me (te, se, nous, vous) come before le and la which come before lui and leur, regardless of whether they are objective or dative. Order is different when they come after commands though.


It wouldn't be a secret anymore if he did.


"He had a secret, but he wasn't telling me it" - rejected, but surely "il disait...." is a continuous action in the past? Otherwise it would be "il n'a me le raconté pas". Reported.


Sometimes "me" goes before "le", sometimes "le" goes before a "lui", or leur. Could someone talk about how to use their order correctly? For example "il ne me le disait pas" me goes before le

"il faut le lui rendre" "avant de le leur proposer" Here "le" goes before "lui" and "leur"

Thanks so much.


The order of French pronouns is:-. 1. Me / te / se / nous / vous.
2. Le / la / les.
3. Lui / leur.
4. Y.
5. En.
Hope this helps.


I can't tell why my French reading of it is being rejected


The English is not grammatically correct. It should be "He had a secret, and he didn't tell me ABOUT it." or "...he didn't tell it to me."


Very difficult to hear the 'et' except in slow version


Remember that the t in et is not pronounced, even though it's followed by a vowel. But if you listen carefully you can hear the change of vowel sound as she says the two words.


this is not correct english, it should be 'tell it to me'


Poor grammar. It should read, He had a secret and he didn't tell it to me.


Though I'm not a native English speaker, I think the English version is weird.


'tell it to me' marked wrong. dd 08/10/2021

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You give the contraction and then you tell people it is a typo? You guys sure have a lot of problems! Hahahahaha!


Anyone else having trouble hearing Oscar say the "et"? I suppose that's how a lot of people would often say it, merging the two short words together, "et il" sounding a lot like "il", but how would you know it was there without seeing it written?


The t in et is not sounded which makes it difficult. But you can listen for the change of vowel sound between E as in egg and the I of il (EE as in eel). It is there, but it sometimes takes some practice and perseverance to hear it.

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