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  5. "Oli hauska tutustua."

"Oli hauska tutustua."

Translation:It was nice meeting you.

June 28, 2020



I like how this is the only time you didn't use present tense XD But it makes sense though otherwise the tree would be like 3 times as long or you'd literally have to just dump grammar every new lesson. Heck, if you could even get every grammar principle on here you'd end up with a redwood of a tree far exceeding all the other languages! And redwoods don't even grow in Finland XD Very well done though I must say I am impressed.

[deactivated user]

    Tutustua = get to know Tavata = to meet

    The English here can be used whether you're meeting old friends or new ones, but the Finnish only means you met someone new and that was nice.


    So if you've just met with an old friend again, do you then say "Oli hauska tavata?"


    That or oli hauska nähdä : It was nice to see you (again)


    It was nice to meet, should be correct


    Maybe somewhere that is a colloquial phrase. I have never heard it. I sounds incomplete. I am glad we met would be a more common way to say that.


    That was funny, though.


    I don't understand why it is hauska and not mukava. Wouldn't it be better translated as, "It was fun to meet you."?


    While oli mukava tutustua surely goes and is used, for some reason oli hauska tutustua just is more common.


    Very interesting comments!


    So long, partner. :(


    I wonder why it is not partitative : oli hauskaa ? Thank you


    I was about to ask this, because it accepts it as well


    It seems that "It was fun meeting you" should also be accepted. Reported.


    While hauska can literally be translated to "fun", you have to remember that Oli hauska tutustua is a very idiomatic phrase. Here hauska refers more to nice or pleasant than fun.

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