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  5. "– Are you ready? – I am."

"– Are you ready? – I am."

Translation:– Oletko sinä valmis? – Olen.

June 28, 2020



I think "on" has been used as "I am" in other questions...?


You have to answer in the form that is also used in the question (except instead of "you" it's "I").

Onko sinulla kylmä? On.

Oletko valmis? Olen.


Ooh i see. Didnt even notice that. Kiitos


Yes. If you notice, all of the questions with "on" as answer, had the question starting with "onko" (now you see where the "on" comes from), plus the adessive form of a pronoun (sinulla, hänellä, etc). Since "valmis" is an adjective which one can't feel (like cold, hot, hunger, thirst...), the pronoun will be in the nominative form (Minä olen valmis), so the question will be (Oletko valmis?). Thus, you have the answer with "olen" instead of "on"


I think that you might be refering to phrases like "Minulla on kylmä" (I am cold)? I think it's a case of literal translation and a more correct translation clashing. As far as I can tell (and please do correct me if I am wrong since I am a novice at this language) cold is something you have, and not something you are in Finnish.


Yes. In Finnish there is only the verb "olla", which can mean either "to have" or "to be".


My friends and previous Finnish teachers have explained it as if you say minä olen kylmä you are saying your personality is cold


Yes. That would mean that your whole person/being/personality is cold, more or less permanently. But if you just "have cold" then I suppose you can lose it more easily, and then sinulla on mukava olo/"you feel comfortable" again.


You're exactly right about "having" cold kn Finnish. Incidentally, in French you also "have" cold, hunger, heat, thirst etc.


I think all of these are technically correct. Unless I'm missing something


"Joo olet" is not. "Olet" is "you are", however the answer to question "Are you?" is "I am". "I am" is "olen".


Why is "Minä olen" not accepted as a correct response here?


Can’t the answer be simply ”Yes” ?


Starts singing the AC/DC song in Finnish "Oletko sinä valmis?!"

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