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"Pöllö huomaa, että lähellä on kaksi pientä hiirtä."

Translation:The owl notices that there are two small mice near.

June 28, 2020



nearby - would be the correct English word.


Yes. Nearby is more natural. Near is rather archaic--as in "The end is near."


It is accepted as correct


"Near" and "nearby" both sound natural in this context and both should be accepted.


No, “near” is not the word a native speaker would use in this sentence.


My answer was, "The owl notices that two small mice are near", which was not accepted but it is the best translation I could come up with using the words in the word bank.


This is because native English speakers would not say so. “The owl notices that there are two small mice nearby.” - is what proper English would be. And this sentence is not even accepted. Team, please sort it out!


Yes but given the limited word bank, "two small mice are near" is better than "there are two small mice near."


The dummy subject 'there' is frequently used in existential sentences, but it isn't strictly necessary here. IanWitham1's sentence is proper English.

I've listed a couple articles discussing the absence of the dummy subject in existential sentences, and provided some examples and history of this construction.

In order to not create another mini essay here, I'll just link to what I wrote in this discussion: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40926973.

[deactivated user]

    Nearby is actually s better translation here and should also be accepted


    All the comments show that 'nearby' is the word which should be used. I agree.


    I flagged it and suggested "nearby" as the better translation.


    I'm not sure if anyone checks those reports because "nearby" is still not accepted after seemingly so many people had already flagged it.


    The moderators do say to use the 'Report' button, but the options given currently are rather limited:

    - My answer should not be accepted. - The Finnish sentence is unnatural or has an error. - Something else went wrong.

    How about including "The English sentence is unnatural or has an error"?

    I picked the last one in the hope it attracts some attention and that someone will have a look at these sentence discussion posts.


    Tried again, 2 months later :-/


    Nearby is accepted now

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