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  5. "We eat sausage in November."

"We eat sausage in November."

Translation:Mangiamo salsiccia a novembre.

May 13, 2013



Why is it sometimes 'a' and others 'in' with the months?


For the same reason you sometimes say speak with and speak to :) Prepositions are tough... but if you think about them in your own language you realize that there are just as many variations!


Right. No, I get that they're tough, but I meant what were the reasons for these variations. For example, Italians using 'a' to mean 'to' for cities, but 'in' for countries...obviously there are always some usages that just come with time and don't have any hard and fast reasoning behind them...would this be an example of that sort of that then?


Well in German there's two "to" like to a non-geographical place (i.e. the store, the park) and to a geographical place (i.e. another country or city). Perhaps its similar in Italian? Except they count a city as a "non-geographical place"?


How do you know where to use "a" "ad" and "in"??? I dont even know where to use "speak to" and "speak with" in English. Every senario where you would use "speak to/with" they both sound right to me..


As far as I know, "speak to" and "speak with" are interchangeable. The a/ad/in situation is still a mystery to me too.

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