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"Suomalainen huuhkaja on hyvä jalkapallossa."

Translation:The Finnish eagle owl is good at soccer.

June 28, 2020



I would sincerely want to see a video of an eagle owl playing soccer, basketball, the violin and the kantele, PLEASE!


The Finnish national football team is actually called Huuhkajat (The Eagle Owls) so this sentence is not as absurd as it sounds!


I am sorry to disappoint you, but Finnish eagle owls can play soccer, basketball, the violin, and the kantele, but they cannot make videos.


Could 'can play soccer well' be an alternative translation


The meaning is roughly the same but the grammar is so different that we are going to keep these two apart. You can compare it to us not accepting "My name is" as a translation for Minä olen. Also, you don’t have to play football to be good at it. The coach of a team can also be very good at football, even though they're not actually playing it. :)


Thank you for your quick response though I am not sure that a coach can be 'good' at football if they are not playing it. They can be 'knowledgeable' but not good. (e.g. when I was younger I used to teach swimming teachers & lifeguards but I would not claim to be good at the sport)

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