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"Tuossa on suuri kivi, joten marjat ovat lähellä."

Translation:There is a large stone right there, so the berries are nearby.

June 28, 2020



I'm not following the logic, but will keep it in mind for when I need berries!


People who are very enthusiastic about picking berries and mushrooms often have (know) secret spots etc., so maybe the person talking knows that there's a good spot nearby since the stone functions as a landmark

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It would make more sense to put it the other way round: suuri kivi on tuossa, joten marjat ovat lähellä. That way the logic wouldn't be like "a big rock -> berries" but "the big rock -> berries".


Maybe it's a Finnish wildness survival trick or something? ;)

[deactivated user]

    Can someone explain the difference between the options offered: joten, jossain, jotain, jota? I would really appreciate it!


    joten - so, for that reason, therefore

    jossain - somewhere

    jotain (jotakin) - something

    jota - which, that, who

    "Kaipaan jotain, jota rakastaa jossain kaukana täältä, joten lähden pois" - I need something to love somewhere far away from here, so I'll leave/I'm leaving

    [deactivated user]


      "Rock" should be accepted


      why 'stone' and not 'rock' why are not both translations possible?

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