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"The gray wizard walks in the forest. Or is he the white wizard?"

Translation:Harmaa velho kävelee metsässä. Vai onko hän valkoinen velho?

June 28, 2020



I do love this reference to the Lord of the Rings. If there is any place on this earth where the wizards are still walking, it's sure to be Finland with its wild nature and lakes and white nights.


All options are wrong here. The correct-most option has sininen (blue) instead of valkoinen (white). It shows the wrong option as the right answer


I've got three coices to choose from. All of them are wrong, although I don't get a blue wizard. The correct answer is missing the part of the "white wizard" though. Otherwise I love to meet Gandalf in the finnish tree...


In the 3 options I got to choose from, the "Or is he the white wizard" part was left out.


All those people complaining that they weren't able to select the correct answer: obviously that was to make sure that YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!


Getting only wrong options here, I got a musta velho though, not sininen like someone else got


All three options are invalid as in third answer isn't complete :-(


The right answer isn't complete. Reported


I mis vai onko hän valkoinen velho in this as right reckoned sentence?


The same mistake here in given sentence


The answer was wrong on this question

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