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  5. "Onko Ruotsi kylmä maa?"

"Onko Ruotsi kylmä maa?"

Translation:Is Sweden a cold country?

June 28, 2020



If I wanted to ask "are you...?" would it be "oletko sinä..."?


Yes! And if you ask someone something about yourself, you use olenko, "am I". :)


The -ko is to indicate a question I figure?


Yeah! Depending on the word that the ending is connected with, either -ko or -kö can indicate a question.


How do you know which of those two you should use?


If the word you are adding it to has an ä, ö, y (or only has e's and i's), then you add -kö. If the word has a, o, or u, then you add -ko. It's called vowel harmony, and you'll see it all throughout Finnish. As another example, the third person plural ending is either -vat or -vät based on the same rules I described above.


Ja, det är det.


Men mer än Finland?


joo asuin Ruotsissa kaksi vuotta sitten. Ruotsissa on paljon lunta talvella :)


So onko means the same as on, except onko is indicating a question, yes?.☺️


Exactly. If the question doesn't have a question word in it, you add the question particle -ko to the first word in the question. :)


This is strangely similar to questions in Japanese which suffix verbs with -ka, even though the languages are unrelated and from different families entirely, I still find the similarity remarkable.


Allow me to reverse engineer a bit to test myself:

Onko Ruotsi kylmä maa? Is Sweden a cold country?

Ruotsi on kylmä maa. Sweden is a cold country.

I know -ko indicates a question and is attached to the verb when there is no explicit question word, i.e. missä, millainen. I also see inversion of the subject and verb; does -ko always cause the sentence to verb to be fronted?

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