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  5. "Kaikki on ihan hyvin."

"Kaikki on ihan hyvin."

Translation:Everything is quite OK.

June 28, 2020



A-OK ?! Seriously? I am not at all A-OK with this sentence!


I'll accept A-OK as an answer provided that I can also use, "golly," "gee willikers," and, "gosh, Finland is swell," at some later point in my lessons.


Given how loosey-goosey they are with vocabulary, it's not outside the realm of possibility...


I wish I could upvote more than once...!!!


I don't think a lot of people say this. "Just fine" and such could be good answers.


I'm not a fan of this translation. A-OK feels a bit too freely translated. "Quite well" would be better though perhaps there's a reason that they intentionally steered away from the more obvious literal translation?


So, we are not all Americans. I would imagine even most Americans would cringe at this


I'm not cringing at the translation so much as I'm cringing at how strict a translation they demand for a highly flexible sentiment. "Quite alright," "quite well," "just fine," "okay"… The correct variations of interpretation appear quite broad, but the narrowness of translation makes the exercise very frustrating.

I suppose this is one we'll just need to memorize by rote, to move past the exercise —and be glad there are only three sessions per level on this exercise.


There are two things one learns quickly if one spends any time in DuoLingo comments: 1) there are plenty of people who are not Americans* and/or are eager to express their distaste for American idioms; 2) there are plenty of people eager to beat down the people trying to provide them a free language learning service.

* Given that this is a language learning site which teaches languages other than English and Spanish, the first bit of wisdom is not startling, but if it has somehow eluded you you will not remain ignorant for long.


Yeah, A-OK is just a poor choice.


What does this A OK even mean? I was brought up in England and don't think I've ever heard it.


American slang dating back about 100 years ago, it's another version of "okay."


It is not equivalent to "okay" in meaning. "Okay" means "reasonably good". "A-OK" means "as good as can be".


Horrible translation


Yeah, poor translation here. ihan=pretty/fairly. hyvin=well. Not "A-ok"


A-OK??? Who says that?


In john wayne war films... that sets the date about right


"quite ok" is also strange


I do hear people say it.


Agreed! How can someone be QUITE "ok" when "ok" is such a bland, non-specific thing to be?


Agreed, I can't imagine saying this and there doesn't seem to be anybody here who finds it idiomatic. "Everything is just fine" might be better.


Agreed. Ok is also definitely not 100percent positive , so "QUITE OK" is melko väärin.


I had already commented when you wrote this. It is idiomatic in the US and, I expect, Canada.


... apart from the English translation of "ihan hyvin" on Duolingo


No one says this.


No way that ´ihan´ translates to ´A´ nor that ´hyvin´ is equivalent of ´OK´...


What is thi "A OK"??


Variations of combinations of the words suggested in hints dont work.


I think 'going well' should also be acceptable. There are so many phrases one could use!


I admit I don't fully understand what's going on here. If "hyvin" is an adverb rather than an adjective, it should be modifying something other than a noun, but it seems to me to be modifying "kaikki" here. "Everything is quite well" in English sounds very strange to my ear - I'd use "good" instead of "well" since its target is "Everything", a noun. What is "hyvin" actually modifying?

Incidentally, I believe the origin of "A-OK" has something to do with the moon landings and low-quality radio transmissions - somebody thought it was easier to understand than just "OK" over a very crackly radio broadcast from 200,000 miles (320,000 kilometers) away. But it's very, very outdated slang. I haven't heard anybody seriously use it in a conversation since the 1970s.


... and then you might want to go into the misty origins of OK itself! But possibility of clarity in radio is a nice thought. But it is definitely older than the moon landings. As I mentioned, John Wayne films etc. put the date about right.


Is there any paticular reason why: "Everything is pretty well" is not accepted? (28-07-2021)


I think you need "pretty good" in English. Then it would be a pretty good translation. "Pretty well " refers principally to state of health, not to state of being.


You accept A-ok, but not quite good, really?


Isn't this the Good Place introduction?


Not everyone who takes this course is americans...


They gave me a typo because I didn't chose A-OK from the word bank but there wasn't an A option to ad to OK. I know it wasn't a wrong answer but...


"Everything is pretty OK" why not?


Everything is pretty good - is a more natural English translation I think.


Wsoy dictionary: ihan = perfectly. I.e. everything is perfectly well.

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