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"Karjalanpiirakka on suomalainen herkku."

Translation:The Karelian pasty is a Finnish delicacy.

June 28, 2020



I agree with removing the. Also I've always translated karjalanpiirakka as Karelian pie.


I think, in this translated sentence, 'the' is out of place. It's possible to say 'this', if you want to make it specific, but otherwise it's in general and thus without 'the'.


Seconded, I think there should be an alternate answer without 'the'.


The article here is used in the sense of "the national anthem" or "the turkey is the national bird" or "the wild ocelot is a fearsome predator." It's definitely grammatical in English, but it's certainly not the only translation. "A Karelian pie" world be an equally good translation. "This" would be grammatical but not a good translation for the Finnish phrase, which doesn't imply that a sample of the food is present.


You would usually refer to them in the plural


Hacu raises an interesting point though he is wrong to think that pastry is always sweet... it could also be savoury. There is an English delicacy called a 'Cornish pasty' which evolved as a lunch for Cornish miners. It is a mixture of vegetables with nowadays often a little meat enclosed by pastry similar to the pastry of a Karelian pastry. Thus one might indeed call the Finnish delicacy 'a pasty' in my opinion.


why is that a Finnish delicacy?


I understand that in many cases you might use the definite article but in this instance, in English, the indefinite would be more appropriate because you are using the indefinite to describe the delicacy


Eikö karjalanpiirakka ole karjalainen herkku?

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