"C'est d'un café noir dont je rêve maintenant !"

Translation:It is a black coffee that I'm dreaming of now!

June 28, 2020

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Why the "d'"?


it's the contraction of "de" (of)

I dream of a coffee (je rêve d'un café).

It might make more sense if the English translation kept a little more faithful to the original French:

It is of a black coffee that I dream now.


Doesn't the "dont" already take care of that, though?


I thought the same. But I checked Reverso and came to this theory:

If you say "C'est un café dont je rêve" you are saying: It's a coffee I am dreaming of, but only like in: it's my dream coffee. This sentence means: It's about a cup of coffee that I am dreaming.

It feels double though, I agree with you. I would think "C'est d'un café que je rêve". I don't know if that is correct .


Actually it seems to me that there is a redundancy here. As dont already means de que, you shouldn't need the first de.

C'est un café noir dont il a besoin.
C'est d'un café noir qu'il a besoin.


Exactly my point. The Duo version translates as "It is of a black coffee of which I am dreaming". Nonsense.


I think you will need to say "the French version" instead of "the Duo version". That's how they speak. No language is without redundancies.

Just relax your closed fist for a brief moment to ask yourself the question if inessential redundancies could possibly be an added bonus to the construct of a language, and whether we shouldn't really, in actuality, kneel down to them, being in essence a beneficent enrichment to our normal, everyday lives.


In the UK we dream OF doing something but dream ABOUT an object - please accept this


In English we can omit 'that' and it is still a correct sentence, so it shouldn't be marked wrong, but it was.


In other lessons I've been marked wrong for including 'that' in a similar translation.


This section is very new and not many correct translations have yet been added. Keep reporting them. Every phrase has tens if not hundreds of correct translations so Duo needs a little help there.


I tried 'Now I'm dreaming of a black coffee.' Seems like a workable translation to me, but not accepted. Perhaps a little to far removed structurally?


The function of the sentence is different.

"Now I'm dreaming" stresses the dreaming. "It's a black coffee I am dreaming of now" very strongly stresses the dreaming and answers an implied question.


"It is of a black coffee that I'm dreaming now" is more correct grammatically than the 'correct' answer, ie avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition. It is more formal but still correct.

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