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"Tajuaako hän, että katto on jo valmis?"

Translation:Does he realize that the roof is already ready?

June 28, 2020



Already ready or ready already. Both mean the same both are acceptable English.(Reported)


when I have nothing else on my mind, I often ask my wife (usually during breakfast) if the roof is ready. It makes a change from asking her about the weather or next door's new car


Is it me or are there a lot of new words in this sentence?


"already ready" is silly or not - depends on the context.
- The roof should be ready next weak. - Worker - the roof is already ready. Not so silly.


"She" was not accepted here. Reported. 12/31/20


Nobody would repeat ready. Silly sentence.


This a joke, right? 'Cause pretty sure the word ready isn't repeated in this sentence. As for the syllables, it's normal to say that. Many languages have repeating syllables as well (such as Mandarin, e.g. 常常 cháng cháng, meaning very; and Tagalog, e.g. halo-halo (a Filipino delicacy), literally "mix-mix"). Why should English be prevented from that?


I wrote "tajuako hän, etta katto on jo valmis". But it was correct. However my answer was wrong.


@Sampo: No, it wasn't as you should have written "tajuaako hän, .." with an extra "a." And moreover, weren't you supposed to translate from Finnish to English? (Nov 2020)


Side note, a core sentence may be give to translate in either direction. You may come from a Finnish--->English question, but other may have had to translate from English to Finnish. It took me a few head shakes to understand that about Duolingo in the beginning. It helps keep ALL of the questions and comments on the idea in one place though.


This lesson has too many new words. Previous lessons were repeting the same words over and over. This is now a bih leap.


My new headache is Finnish comma placement.


we do not need to put that already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I missed out the the before roof. Does he realise that roof ... ? Not sure how/whether that would be written any differently in Finnish?

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