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  5. "Tässä on pieni kivi."

"Tässä on pieni kivi."

Translation:It has a small rock.

June 28, 2020



It should be Here is a small rock. I know this is Beta but there are so many mistakes with the Finnish and English. It feels like Duolingo didn't even check anything with a native speaker before launching.


It depends on what the context of the sentence is.

If you are describing the features of an engagement ring or some other object that has a rock or a stone in it, It has a small rock/stone is a correct translation.

If you are looking on the ground and seeing a stone or rock, There is a small rock (right) here is a correct translation.

These and plenty of variations on them have now been added, but it will take a week or two before they show up for the users.

Please report issues using the flag right after the exercise.


"It has a small rock", like on a ring, that would rather be "Siinä on pieni kivi". But "Tässä on" = here is / this has.


I think 'Right here is a small rock' would be a more fitting translation.


I think "there is a small rock here" sounds more natural? Does that miss some emphasis in the Finnish?


Nope, it's fine, and it has been added.


'There is a small rock right here' should be acceptable


This has been added (although it takes a while before added translations show up in practice).


It has a small rock means in Finnish "sillä on pieni kivi".


Or: "siinä on"


'A small rock' or 'a small stone'. Use of rock or stone is context sensitive. Is there a word for stone in Finnish? But about translation of tässä on. Most often 'Tässä on..' translates to 'Here is...'


Yep, translation is wrong!


same here. i translated as right here is a small rock. should be correct. I even think that that is the better translation.


Yes I agree with the others, this translation sounds wrong.


Tässä on pieni kivi => here's a small rock / there's a small rock here

It has a small rock => sillä on pieni kivi

Tässä on pieni kivi =|= it has a small rock These two are nowhere near equivalent


Translation is not correct, it means that a small rock is here not that it has a small rock here.


I am glad that many people have picked up on how unnatural this sounds to a native English speaker


At the very least, it is confusing. As learners, a more direct or literal translation is needed. The looser translations should be saved for later lessons. I agree with others that "right here is a rock" is a better translation for now.


The translation sounds a bit odd


Okay this one is wrong, please don't memorise this.

"It has a small rock" = "Sillä on pieni kivi" <- (If we're talking about something like an animal who has a small rock.)

"Here is a small rock" = "Tässä on pieni kivi" (In this case "tässä" means "here" )

"There is a small rock on this (thing)" = "Tässä on pieni kivi" (In this case "tässä" means "in this/on this"

Hope this is helpful!

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