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  5. "Tässä on sininen kukka."

"Tässä on sininen kukka."

Translation:It has a blue flower.

June 28, 2020



Right here is a blue flower makes more sense for this I think.


"It has a blue flower" is DEFINITELY wrong answer. Reported.


The plant, but for some reason it's not specified.


Why is it “it has” and not “this (one) has”? I would have thought:

siinä on ... / sillä on ... = It has ...
tässä on ... / tällä on ... = This (one) has ... / There is ... here.
Tuossa on ... / Tuolla on ... = That (one) has ... / There is ... there.


The sentences translating "it has" as "tässä on" are wrong. Your examples are correct. :)


It should be "Tässä kasvissa on sininen kukka", if you inted to aim for a translation such as "It has a blue flower".


Even in that kind of context "it has" should be translated as "siinä on". Or if one wants to use "tässä on", then it's "this has".


What is wrong with: "there is a blue flower right here"


I think an explanation for the translation "It has a blue flower" is that tässä is the inessive of tämä and literally means "in this," but that the inessive + olla is sometimes used to indicate possession of objects, which in this case would mean "this has" and produce the translation "This has a blue flower." I'm not sure, however, why they substituted "it" for "this."


Why not "siinä on sininen kukka"? I am completely baffled.


I can see why this should be translated like this but it really needs context in order for the translation to make sense. "Täällä on kasvi. Tässä on sininen kukka" would probably have been enough

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