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"Is that Estonian or Hungarian?"

Translation:Onko tuo viroa vai unkaria?

June 28, 2020



Is using "tai" here wrong?


Not really.

As a native speaker, if I were to say "Onko tuo viroa tai unkaria" you present 2 options (viro or unkari) but you don't close to option of "it" being something else.

If you say "Onko tuo viroa vai unkaria" you expect "it" being either viroa or unkaria and nothing else.

I think both are fine in spoken language.


I suggest reading this (specifically 2. The difference between tai and vai in questions) : https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-vocabulary/interesting-words/the-difference-between-tai-and-vai/´


Does anyone know why partitive is used here?


I suppose it could be referring to a word, sentence, paragraph, etc opposed to the whole language


Yeah, I think that's it. I think I read (probably in the tips for this topic) that even when you say you speak a language you se the partitive, because you'd never speak the whole language or smtg


Moreover, Wiktionary gives no plural forms for viro and unkari; suggesting that they're uncountable nouns.

When predicative is uncountable, it needs to be partitive.


Why does the same question with different countries use tämä with one and tuo with the other?


Tämä and tuo don't refer to the countries. They refer to the subject being asked about, ie, is "this" or "that" Estonian or Hungarian

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