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"Oululainen perhe katselee kotona elokuvaa."

Translation:The family from Oulu is at home watching a movie.

June 28, 2020



"The family from Oulu is watching a movie at home" is also correct, but not accepted...


Still not accepted on 31/08/2021


The English word order here suggests "Oululainen perhe on kotona katselemassa elokuvaa."

The Finnish sentence should translate as "The family from Oulu is watching a movie at home." (and this is not even accepted)

[deactivated user]

    Reported "The family from Oulu is watching a movie at home" is not accepted. It should be.


    It's like I'm being challenged to put together an English sentence. Why am I not putting together more Finnish sentences, translating them in my head into the meaning, rather than what I've already memorized?


    ... katselee elokuva kotona. Does that make sens as well?


    *elokuvaa - don't forget you need the partitive. Otherwise, the order is correct.

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