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  5. "Who wants coffee and pulla?"

"Who wants coffee and pulla?"

Translation:Kuka haluaa kahvia ja pullaa?

June 28, 2020



kaipaan pulleja suomessa (mut suomalainen kahvi ei ole maukas)


Very good! The partitive plural of pulla is pullia though. Kaipaan suomalaisia pullia would be a more idiomatic sentence. kahvi is here a mass noun, so you need the partitive singular: maukasta. :)


What about "tahdo" isof "halua"?. Kiitos


tahtoa is another possible translation for "to want" in at least 99 cases of 100. We went with haluta because it is easier to conjugate (no consonant gradation).

  • (minä) tahdon
  • (sinä) tahdot
  • hän/se tahtoo
  • (me) tahdomme
  • (te) tahdotte
  • he/ne tahtovat

As you can see, the T in the middle changes into a D in the 1st and 2nd person forms. In the 3rd person forms, there is no change. :)

  • Kuka tahtoo kahvia ja pullaa? Who wants (some) coffee and pulla?


Why is it kahvia and pullaa and not kahvi and pulla? When would you use the last ones without the second "a"?


If the partitive is used, things are considered uncountable. In sentence like this, if you want to count the foodstuff, you need the accusative forms. It just sounds a bit rude in Finnish, because you get the sense that the speaker is willing to part with only one full cup and one pulla per person. ;)

  • Kuka haluaa kahvia ja pullaa? Who wants (some) coffee and (some) pulla? (undefined amount of them)
  • Kuka haluaa kahvin ja pullan? Who wants a (cup of) coffee and a pulla? (only one for each per anyone who gets the offer)


Why is this haluaa and not haluatko? If it's a question?


Because of the question word kuka which is followed by a verb in the 3rd person singular, not by one in the 2nd person (and no -KO). You don't ask "who want coffee" in English either but add an S at the end of the verb to indicate the 3rd person. If you don't have a question word in the sentence, you need to add the -KO. The question particle only works if the answer can be "yes" or "no". :)

  • Haluatko pullaa? Do you want (some) pulla? (answer can be "yes" or "no" -> -KO)
  • Onko sinulla pullaa? Do you have any pulla? (answer can be "yes" or "no" -> -KO)
  • MIKSI haluat pullaa? WHY do you want (some) pulla? (question word, yes/no answer not possible -> no -KO)
  • KUKA haluaa pullaa? WHO wants (some) pulla? (question word, yes/no answer not possible -> no -KO)
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