"J'ai pris deux allers-retours pour le Mexique."

Translation:I got two round-trip tickets for Mexico.

June 28, 2020

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I got two return tickets for Mexico


I believe that should be accepted, as apparently in British English, they're called return tickets. In American English, they're called round-trip tickets.


In Canada we use both. Return tickets should be accepted!


"got" doesn't seem to be the right meaning for ai pris. It should be "took" or maybe "had". Took is a bit weird, depending on context.


Maybe the thinking is along the lines of: 2 Round-trip tickets for Mexico means your starting in a country other than Mexico, and then returning to your country of origin. Whereas: for Mexico, implies, (to me), that Mexico is the initial country of departure. That would be how I'd interpret that. (for what it's worth).


Common English usage "for Mexico" or "to Mexico". Maybe not so in all parts of the English speaking world.


These two new voices in these exercises are often harder for me to understand than the ones I've been used to over the last several months. I'm glad for the change, because it will help broaden the range of what I / we hear in spoken French.


I have more problems with the female voice than male.


We call them "return tickets" in the UK. I've never heard of round-trip.


Yes, the English would not usually say round-trip tickets but return tickets or just returns


Ah, ok. I was looking for return tickets. In American that's round trip tickets. Seems clunky but OK.


No one in England buys a round-trip ticket. they buy a RETURN ticket....Please accept this in future


Apart from the 'return' disagreement 'I got' is ugly and very poor grammar. There are many better alternatives...I ought, I obtained, I was given etc. GOT...aaaarrgh!!!


one tries not to use the word got


Get is one of the oldest and most frequently used English words. Got is its past tense.

One doesn't have to use it if one doesn't want to. But almost everyone else does use it. Get it?

From a UK dictionary: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/get

  • 1803

Question on the number of "allers-retours": should it be variable per number or a fixed term of plural?

Because of "deux", I cannot tell which is correct. May anybody confirm it please?


I just did another exercise "Bonjour, je voudrais deux allers simples pour Paris.", in which plural is used for "allers simples". Therefore, my guess of fixed "allers-retours" must be wrong. The correct expressions should be:

allers-retours; allers-simples

aller-retour; aller-simple


Semantics.. round trip, return trip , tomato, tomato....grr picked the wrong one.


hey...hello! People also say "return tickets" Duo - wake up!


In Oz you'd still be waiting for round trip tickets, but you probably wouldn't go hungry as you'd more likely get a round of sandwiches. Return tickets ? No problems mate!


ai pris--how about "booked'?, better than got; also "booked two round trips"; tickets is implied

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