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  5. "Can you play the piano?"

"Can you play the piano?"

Translation:Osaatko sinä soittaa pianoa?

June 28, 2020



Osaatko soittaa pianoa" is exactly the same. You do not need to write "sinä". Osaatko means can you


Yep, sinä should be optional but is marked wrong


Yes the word "sinä" is not necessary here


Osaatko soittaa pianoa? is also absolutely correct


I had asked for an explanation concerning sinä vs te. I was answered that te was more formal or polite. So why isn't it accepted here? I still don't understand when you use them.


The actual difference between "sinä" and "te" is that "sinä" is singular whereas "te" is plural. It used to be that "Te" with a capitalised initial letter was the formal 2nd person singular pronoun, similar to "Sie" from German, but that usage has become archaic, though it can still be encountered on occasion.

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