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  5. "Hän on saamelainen."

"Hän on saamelainen."

Translation:He is a Sámi.

June 28, 2020



I don't think "a Saami" should be used. It gives the same feeling in English as "Lappalainen" does in Finnish. Simply, "He is Saami" should suffice. This is an instance where the article in English carries a significant negative connotation. For the non-native speakers: The Saami, generally speaking, thoroughly dislike being called Lappalainen because it is a name given to them by the Finns meaning 'person of the North' instead of the name the Saami gave for themselves. The Saami are Finnic peoples who live in the Northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia (known in most Saami languages as Sápmi) They're just like other Nords, but with a different culture + reindeer herding. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago the Saami and Finns used to be the same people, but eventually, as the reindeer herds traveled north and the crops in the south flourished, the united group separated. If you're interested in learning more about the Saami, consider looking to the University of Oulu (my own alma mater) which is the only university in Finland that provides a decent amount of courses that are about, by, and endorsed by the Saami in Finland. ((the Saami guild at Uni Oulu is on instagram @giekurs))


I don't agree with your first point. "He is a Saami" is like saying "He is a Finn" while saying "He is Saami" is like "He is Finnish". In some cases the verb and the noun are spelled and pronounced the same in English. It doesn't make it derogatory.


Thank you for this info!


Thanks for sharing that!


Thank you for the historical lesson and I will search more about it!


What is a Sámi?


The Sámi are an indigenous people who live in Finland, as well as in Norway, Sweden and Russia


How do I use the accents on pc without the buttons at the bottom of the text box??


That depends on the keyboard you're using. On the German keyboard there is an accent button left to the backspace button. You have to press that one once (with shift enabled or disabled, depending what type of accent you need) followed by the letter you want the accent on. The letter will appear only after typing the second letter

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