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  5. "What game are you playing?"

"What game are you playing?"

Translation:Mitä peliä te pelaatte?

June 28, 2020



"Mitä peliä sinä pelaat." should be accepted as well, as it isn't clear whether we talk about "you" in the singular or plural form.


pelaat (sg) is correct too, isnt it?

[deactivated user]

    reported: "mitä peliä sinä pelaat" is rejected. The English version does not preclude singular or plural pronoun.


    Reported Mitä peliä pelaat? on 18 Aug 2020.

    Edit: As well as Mitä peliä pelaatte...


    And again on the 22nd 2020

    [deactivated user]

      Shouldn't it be mikä peli?

      [deactivated user]

        The verb pelata is a partitive verb, which means the sport or game will be inflected into the partitive case..

        I quoted this from uusikielemme.fi: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-vocabulary/interesting-verbs/to-play-pelata-leikkia-soittaa-naytella-whats-the-difference/.

        Many of these kinds of questions, uusikielemme.fi has answered.


        Pelaatte implies te


        But when translating from the English, either is possible.

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