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  5. "He ovat perhe."

"He ovat perhe."

Translation:They are a family.

June 28, 2020



"they are family", why would this not be accepted if there aren't articles technically?


If you drop out the article, you need to change the case of the word perhe:

  • He ovat perhe. They are a family. (nominative singular)
  • He ovat perhettä. They are family. (partitive singular)


"They are a family" means that they are the whole family.

"They are family" implies that they are simply related, not that they are the whole family, and to me it implies that they are related to the speaker (i.e. "They are relatives of mine.")

Of course Finnish has ways to express these nuances.


I think "they are family" would be more accurately translated as "he ovat sukua (toisilleen)".

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